Best FileLinked Codes [All New List 2022] You Must Check

best filelinked codesThis post will look at the best FileLinked codes for streaming movies, shows, live TV, and other content. The codes listed here also provide various and utility services, such as cleaners, browsers, and so on. These codes were carefully selected for Amazon FireStick and Fire TV devices, Android TV, Android TV Boxes, and Android mobile devices.

FileLinked is a very popular app among Fire Stick owners. It allows you to easily sideload multiple apps without having to search for them individually from various sources. If you don’t already have it, use the downloader app to get it.

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FileLinked is excellent on all devices, not just the FireStick. It’s also a great tool for Android TV and mobile devices.

Remember that the FileLinked app does not host or provide any downloadable apps or services. To download and install the desired apps or services, FileLinked codes are required.

There are hundreds of codes available because FileLinked is a completely free service. Anyone can create a FileLinked store. As a result, finding the best FileLinked codes that truly meet your needs can be difficult.

I’ve been using FileLinked APK for a long time. I’ve come across some really good codes over the years. As a result, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of them with you. So, here’s a list of the best FileLinked codes, along with their PIN codes.

Best FileLinked Codes for Movies & Live TV

The most popular content categories are movies, TV series, and live shows. As a result, I decided to compile the best FileLinked codes for streaming your favourite content.

All of the FileLinked codes listed below are all-inclusive. That is, they provide apps/APKs for almost any type of content you want to watch, such as movies, TV shows, live TV, and so on.

1. FileLinked Code 51829986

Name: Stream & Tech NOW
PIN: Not required
Number of Apps: 500+
Categories: Movies and TV Shows, Live TV, Utilities, Modded Apps

This is one of the most comprehensive and useful FileLinked codes available on the internet. Stream & Tech NOW has almost every app and free streaming service you can imagine.

Whether you’re looking for shows and movies or live TV apps, this repository of over 500 apps and services has it all. This FileLinked code provides access to popular FireStick Apps such as Cinema HD, CyberFlix, Mobdro, Live Net TV, and many more.

You can download modded versions of third-party streaming apps in addition to the regular versions from this FileLinked store. 51829986, for example, has ad-free versions of Cinema HD, Bee TV, and other apps.

Aside from third-party apps, this store has a plethora of interesting video tutorials and guides for a variety of devices.

Stream & Tech NOW is without a doubt one of the best FileLinked codes for FireStick / Lite and other compatible devices.

2. FileLinked Code 22222222

Name: NewTech’s APK Store
PIN: 4754
Number of Apps: 100+
Categories: TV Shows & Movies, Live TV, Utilities

NewTech’s APK Store is another excellent resource for finding apps and utilities for FireStick and other Android devices.

This FileLinked code includes a plethora of popular third-party apps, including Cinema APK, CyberFlix, Bee TV, and many more.

There are also dozens of utility apps available, such as Mouse Toggle. You will also find both the latest and older versions of Kodi.

This FileLinked store also offers modded, ad-free versions of many popular apps.

You can also get third-party media players from this code, such as MX Player and MV Cast Player.

3. Code 85810914

Name: Electrical MD
PIN: Not Required
Number of Apps: 40+
Categories: Utility, Movies, TV Shows

Code 85810914

Despite the fact that this FileLinked code from Electrical MD does not include as many apps as the others, it still has a good selection.

While many other FileLinked codes include dozens of apps, this one only includes the ones you’d actually use.

From the most popular apps for Movies and Shows to the best Live TV services, you’ll find it all here.

Popular apps in this store include Cinema APK, CyberFlix, Mobdro, Live Net TV, and many more.

You can also download different Kodi versions, including versions with preinstalled Kodi builds (Xanax and Xenon).

Test it out. It’s a pleasant place to be.

4. FileLinked Code: 67664537

Name: Stream It All
PIN: Not Required
Number of Apps: 250+
Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Live TV, Games, Utilities

FileLinked Code 67664537

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your streaming needs, this code is for you.

Stream It All, as the name implies, has a plethora of apps that allow you to stream virtually anything. Apps for Movies, TV Shows, Anime, and much more are available.

There are popular apps such as Cinema, CyberFlix, Bee TV, Mobdro, and so on. There are also modded versions of these apps.

But that isn’t all. There is also a large selection of high-quality apps in many other categories. For example, this FileLinked store has a modified version of YouTube called Smart YouTube TV, which allows you to watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements.

There are also all-in-one apps that stream on-demand and live television content.

You will also have easy access to streaming websites such as USTVGO and others.

5. FileLinked Code 71607934

Name: FireTVSticks
PIN: Not Required
Number of Apps: 200+
Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Live TV

If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, you should definitely try the FireTVSticks FileLinked code. It includes a selection of apps for FireStick and Fire TV devices. The apps, however, function just as well on any Android Box or Android Smart TV.

This File Linked code contains almost all of the streaming apps you’d want on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. There are apps like Cinema HD and CyberFlix that allow you to watch on-demand content. Mobdro, Live Net TV, and other live TV apps are available.

The FireTVSTicks store also has a plethora of utility apps and tools. They have Blokada, which allows you to block advertisements on third-party apps. CetusPlay, a remote replacement for your FireStick, is also available. You can also get Mouse Toggle and a slew of other apps.

Many apps are also available in modded form in this FileLinked store.

Overall, FireTVSticks is one of the most useful File Linked codes for your Fire TV and Android TV devices.

Other Best Filelinked Codes for FireStick

While I have listed the top 5 FileLinked codes above, there are many more that you may be interested in. So, here’s a quick rundown:

11039868: This code comes from NxtLvLTech and includes a plethora of on-demand and live show apps. Along with popular apps, you’ll find a variety of utility apps to help make your Fire TV Stick and Android TV more efficient. This FileLinked code has over 300 applications.

32364318: This FileLinked code, like the others on this list, includes almost all of the popular streaming apps for on-demand and live TV content. This store also contains modded versions of various official apps.

95030652: Use this FileLinked code-named Reviews on This & That to download your favourite apps and utilities. You will also have access to a plethora of modded apps. The code also includes deals and discounts on Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Bluetooth keyboards, and other devices.

76115743: This code store is known as ‘Kingson APK Store,’ and it provides access to over 100 APKs. Yes, it has your favourite streaming apps. It does, however, include a variety of useful apps such as browsers, cleaners, and others.

33627466: Another excellent FileLinked code for streamers. If you enjoy streaming and binge-watching, try this code on your Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV. It has a tonne of apps for movies, shows, live TV, and other things.

Best FileLinked Codes for Kodi

Kodi is an excellent media player. It enables the installation of third-party addons and builds. However, you are not always required to manually install them. Several FileLinked codes provide preinstalled Kodi builds (that in turn come with preinstalled addons).

The following are the FileLinked codes for Kodi:

51829986: While we discussed this FileLinked code earlier in this article, we didn’t get into the Kodi part of it. You can install Kodi with Insomniacs Build, Xenon Build, and other builds from this store.

85810914: This FileLinked store from Electrical MD comes with the Xanax Kodi build and the Xenon Build preinstalled.

67664537: Stream IT All is a well-known FileLinked Store. It’s already one of our top five FileLinked codes. A Slamious Build is already installed here. It also provides Kodi variants with Xanax Build Wizard and Diggz Xenon Plus Wizard preinstalled. These preinstalled add-ons allow you to quickly install your preferred builds.

71607934: This is the code to use if you want a File Linked code with preinstalled Build Wizard addons. Kodi variants include the Xanax Build Wizard, Chef Builds Wizard, Supreme Builds Wizard, and Diggz Xenon Wizard.

28002962: Diggz Fan Store is a FileLinked Store that is primarily dedicated to Kodi and Kodi forks. This store offers pre-installed builds of Kodi as well as popular forks such as CDMC. There are also many popular streaming apps and utility services, such as Mouse Toggle, ES File Explorer, and others.

How to Keep Your Streaming Activities Private?

However, before you begin streaming, please be aware that everything you watch on Firestick is visible to your ISP and the government. Streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, sports) may result in legal action being taken against you.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid legal trouble by connecting to a VPN. A VPN encrypts your streaming traffic, so no one can see what you’re watching.

We never encourage or promote copyright infringement. But we also don’t want you to end up in legal trouble. Furthermore, we believe in and strongly support the right to privacy.

So, before you start using Fire Stick, let’s look at how to use ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activities private from prying eyes.

  1. Click Here to Subscribe to the express vpn. You can get three months free when you sign up for a one-year plan with ExpressVPN. Express VPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Express VPN, you can always request a full refund within 30 days.
  2. Turn on your Fire TV Stick and after the home page load, go to the menu bar in the middle of the home screen and select Find > Search.jailbreak-firestick Find & Search
  3. In the search Box, Type ExpressVPN and click it when it appears in the search suggestions.Search Express Vpn
  4. Click the ExpressVPN title on the next screen under the Apps & Games vpn or firestick
  5.  Now Click on the Download or Get vpn for firestick
  6. Open express VPN, Enter the required information, such as the email address and password you created during ExpressVPN signup, then click Sign In.Express Vpn sign in
  7. Select the Power button to connect to a VPN server (see the image below). You can also change your preferred location by clicking the “Choose Location” button, as shown below. That’s it. With the fastest and best VPN for FireStick, your connection is now secure.

You can also read more detailed info on using ExpressVPN with Fire TV / Stick.


So there you have it: our list of the best FileLinked codes for FireStick, Android TV, and other compatible devices. I hope this list is useful to you. If you find any FileLinked code that you believe should have been included here, please let us know in the comments section below.

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